Petite, sweet and full of attitude, Amy IS Ladyboy perfection. Beautiful blue eyes, gorgeous face and full C cup tits, Amy would fool anyone with her swaying hips and amazing body. Amy likes to take turns being in control in the bedroom. Sometimes dominate, dressed in sexy role playing and amazing vinyl fetish outfits. Other times Amy gets off being a submissive sex slave, wearing only skimpy lingerie. Amy LOVES to be held down and fucked HARD. A vast collection of Amy photo sets and videos awaits you inside. Amy is truly a Ladyboy SUPERSTAR.

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RECENT PHOTO UPDATES | Last updated: 06/04/2020
Wedding Day
Amy dressed in a traditional wedding dress. We hope her husband is ready for the pleasures in store for him on the honeymoon!
Ladyboy Schoolgirl
Amy, dressed as a sexy schoolgirl, lifts up her short plaid skirt to expose her sexy Ladyboy pleasures. Amy gets so HOT by swaying those petite hips and curvy ass!
She Devil
Amy is ready to take control and seduce you as gorgeous red She Devil! If you don't give in to her dark desires, she has her whip for training.
Ritzy Babe
Wearing only a top hat and tie, Amy sexily poses and shows off all of her magical Ladyboy attributes. Amy caresses her beautiful tits and pulls aside panty bottoms....
Red Flower
Feeling sexy and sultry, Amy shows off every centimeter of her Ladyboy figure on the bed.
Playful Submission
Amy's feeling playful today, lounging in soft white lingerie. She knows her place submitting ass up when you enter the room.
Petite Bikini
Amy just finshed teasing unsuspecting guys at the beach, and now wants to tease you! But only you see her special little 'secret'!
Ocean Bikini
Amy wants to show off her AMAZING body to the world, so she heads to the beach in her pearl white bikini!

RECENT VIDEO UPDATES | Last updated: 06/01/20
Blowjob Maid
Dress as a cute maid Amy gets a little tipsy while cleaning the room. The master of the house catches her slacking in her duties and gives her another task; cleaning his hard cock! Amy orally...
Dildo Pleasures
Amy suck on her purple dildo, fantasizing it's a new tasty cock. Amy loves the cock, and closes her eyes and imagines the salty flavor on her juicy lips.
Milk Bath
Creamy Milk is poured all over Amy's body! Amy read that Cleopatra had milk baths to keep her skin soft and smooth so wants to enjoy the feeling in her own kinky way. Using her small fingers and...
Pigtail Handjob
Adorable Amy in pigtails gives a helping hand! Topless, wearing only tiny panties, Amy straddles her fuck friend. Her hands completely full of hard cock, Amy expertly strokes and caresses until...
Vinyl Stroke
Amy strokes her ERECT Ladyboy cock, until drops of sweet cum leak from the tip. Amy's head tilts back as pleasure runs though her tiny sexy body.
Swaying Hips
Dressed in a foxy oversized shirt, Amy performs an incredibly sexy dance! Amy caresses her sweet curves, and those sauntering hips sway and shake to the music.
Anal Ice Pop
Amy wraps her gorgeous dick sucking lips wrap around sweet ice, as her dainty tongue paints the cool shaft! Amy lifts up her skirt to touch her ASSHOLE with the ice. Her tight asshole pulsates...

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